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Bat-Hex (3mm bottom plate) kit carbon only

Price : $ 29.43

Propeller size : 2"

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This is the Bat-Hex kit with 3mm Bottom Plate (carbon only).

  • Please note that the mid arms and braces may be not robust enouph for had crash. 
  • FC, ESC, VTX mounting holes: 25.5x25.5mm(Front only), 20x20mm, 16x16 (front and rear), M2
  • Motor mounting holes: 9x9mm, M2
  • Standoff mounting holes spacing: Front=18mm, Rear=14mm; M2
  • Prop size: 2"(flat), 2.5"-3"(front and rear props should be pusher)
  • Thickness: bottom=3mm, top=1.5mm
  • Weight: About 24g
  • Betaflight Motors Mixer: HEX X

The front standoff mounting holes are suitable for using "Diatone ROMA F1 Camera Metal Protector" for a Nano size camera. For that purpose, the rear standoff height should be 20mm.

The following picture shows my 3" light weight build with Diatone ROMA F1 Camera Protector. This frame is a prototype and is not the same as the product.


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