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Bone-Octo 35 (3mm Bottom Plate) Carbon Only

Price : $ 32.71

Propeller size : 3.5"


This frame is designed for a low profile octocopter which locates two 4-in-1 ESCs at the left side and the right side. A flight controler and a VTX are placed at front and rear.
  • FC (front or rear), ESCs (left and right) and VTX (rear or front) mounting holes: 20x20mm, 16x16mm, M2
  • Motor mounting holes:  9x9mm -12x12mm, M2
  • Standoff mounting holes spacing: Front=18mm, Rear=14mm; M2
  • Weight: ~24g (Carbon only)
  • Betaflight Motors Mixer: OCTO FLAT X

The front standoff mounting holes are suitable for using "Diatone ROMA F1 Camera Metal Protector" for a Nano size camera. For that purpose, the rear standoff height should be 20mm.


The following picture shows my 3" light weight build of the 2.5mm bottom-plate version with Diatone ROMA F1 Camera Protector.

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