77mm to 144mm MICRO QUAD FRAMES

If you are looking for some great performing lightweight 100mm to 200mm brushless frames, check out the Rocket Quads store. 

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CF677 frame for H8 mini FC

Price : $ 3.94


EDIT: May 24 2016 - from now on all Armattan Productions frames will be cut from MATTE FINISH carbon fibre. When you order this frame, it will come in matte finish, not glossy as specified above.

77mm diagonal frame in 1.0mm carbon fiber, designed for the H8 mini FC. This frame size is the same size as a H8 mini, and is designed to take a flashed H8 mini green or blue pcb (FC), also the H101 and H8S 3D FC will fit (they are the same size and shape). The H101 and H8S 3D allow 3D flying. There is more info below on custom firware for the FC.

Motor size 6mm, weighs 1.27gm. The build in the links below weighs 12.7gm without battery. Build pics:

For PID tuning, if using the silverxxx firmware, start with default settings minus 15%. When you get the rates/acro mode tuned, if you still have oscillations in level mode, reduce the Kp term in angle_pid.c by up to 50% or as required.



Additional Information

Assembly instructions: Note that the frame is not symmetrical and that the rear of the frame (where the battery leads are attached to the FC) is the thinner section of the frame's inner square section. The motors should be a friction fit but the motor holes may or may not need to be sanded a little for the motors. I suggest doing this "wet" with a bowl of water or running tap, and wrap some sandpaper around a pen or other piece of rod the right size to make the sanding easier. I made the motors a friction fit and used some Uhu Por contact glue to secure them. If you make the holes too big, you can use slices of 6mm pvc tubing to secure the motors like in the CF793 frame (here on Armattan), but this will add weight. When mounting the FC, first make sure you know which is the front and which is the back of the FC and the frame. Then align the FC arms exactly with the frame arms. The double-sided tape is used on the FC arms only, and does not cover the LED's at the tips of the arms. 

Flight controller: 

The H8 mini green pcb can be flashed with silverxxx firmware to enable acro (rates) or level mode:

The H101 pcb can be flashed with silverxxx firmware from here:
The instructions are here in the first post:

The H8 mini blue pcb can be flashed with silverxxx firmware from here:

For the CG023 and other FC's using the STMF031K4 processor the code is here:
The instructions are here in the first post:

These flashed FC's can be flown with a stock tx or Bayangtoys X9 tx, but it is a much better experience to use a Devo tx that is compatible with Deviation firmware, and fit it with a nrf24L01 module. Or you can use any other hobby grade tx (with a PPM trainer port) with a Goebish multiprotocol module, or you can build a multiprotocol module yourself.

Visit the Silverware wiki for more info on silverware:


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