77mm to 144mm MICRO QUAD FRAMES

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Price : $ 2.44



2mm plate for cutting props 52mm to 73mm in 1mm increments. All holes 1.5mm. Dimensions 43.5mm x 60mm.

Mount it to a block of wood for manual prop cutting.


For those that don't want to use a power tool to cut small props, or simply prefer doing it by hand, there is this jig for cutting small props. Usually it would be used for cutting 3" T-mount props to any size from 52mm to 73mm, in 1mm increments.

The idea is you screw the prop-cutting guide plate onto a piece of wood or suitable surface. Put a 1.5mm drill or spare 110X motor prop shaft in the hole that will give you the finished prop size you want, clip the prop tips with sidecutters or tool of choice, then run a flat file along the edge of the propcutter plate to give the final trim. Finish off with some 400 grade sandpaper.

You will need to drill out the 4 corner holes, all holes are the same 1.5mm size to keep the cost down, and it's impossible to know what size screws the buyer has in his possession. Even better if you can countersink the corner screws so the props can rotate freely.


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Balance your props too! You will be rewarded with a much better-flying quad!


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