77mm to 144mm MICRO QUAD FRAMES

If you are looking for some great performing lightweight 100mm to 200mm brushless frames, check out the Rocket Quads store. 

If you have any questions about a particular design here, feel free to email me.&n...


Price : $ 2.00


1mm CP for 90-110mm frames, 16x16mm.

Use with SE100 ARMS.

The 4 centre plates will have to be separated with a junior hacksaw or small (thin) diamond file.

Weight of a built-up SE100 frame is approx 6.06gm with 4 x 8mm alloy M2 screws. Arms are 1.2gm each, plain centre plate 0.40gm, centre plate with battery lugs 0.47gm. 4 alloy screws 8mm long 0.3gm.

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