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CF793 rev1 for H8 mini FC

Price : $ 5.92


Quad frame in 1.5mm CF for 7mm brushed motors and 93mm diagonal motor to motor distance. It is designed to take a H8 mini blue or green FC, or the H101 FC, with silverxxx firmware which gives level and acro modes and the ability to tune the PID's. Side lugs for rubber bands were added at the suggestion of RCGroups user Denovich (thank you!), and motor hole size reduced from 7.0mm to 6.9mm for a firmer motor fit. It is expected to have to sand out the motor holes a little bit to fit the motors. Be careful though as the difference between too tight and too loose is very little.

For more details refer to the original version CF793 listed on this site here: http://www.armattanproductions.com/pages/product_details/935

Additional Information

Flight controller: 

The H8 mini green pcb can be flashed with silverxxx firmware to enable acro (rates) or level mode:

The H101 pcb can be flashed with silverxxx firmware from here:
The instructions are here in the first post:

The H8 mini blue pcb can be flashed with silverxxx firmware from here:

For the CG023 and other FC's using the STMF031K4 processor the code is here:
The instructions are here in the first post:

These flashed FC's can be flown with a stock tx or Bayangtoys X9 tx, but it is a much better experience to use a Devo tx that is compatible with Deviation firmware, and fit it with a nrf24L01 module. Or you can use any other hobby grade tx (with a PPM trainer port) with a Goebish multiprotocol module, or you can build a multiprotocol module yourself.

Visit the Silverware wiki for more info on silverware:

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