Onix 111


Onix 111 is a micro freestyle frame designed for 2.3" - 2.5" props. This frame features all technologies you can find in a bigger 250 class plus some unique details. It is made to be very durable and has a top mount battery.

It is compatible with Emax BabyHawk (RS1104 motors and T2345 props), Blade Torrent 110 and other more standard components (1104-1106 motors, 20x20mm mount plates).

Features :

- 111 mm motor to motor, 3 mm bottom plate
- 2.3" to 2.5" props
- 1104 to 1106 motors
- Compatible with Emax RS1104 motors and all others Emax BabyHawk components
- Compatible with Blade Torrent 110 components
- Same geometry than ImpulseRC Alien frame (pythagorean 3:4:5)
- Runcam Micro Swift
- Top mount battery
- Cam angle from 0 to 90 °
- Almost no prop in view
- Estimated at 15.4g carbon only (without optional back plates)
- Optional 0.5g back plates to reinforce the frame and offer better cable management
- 3 strong and light M3 aluminum standoffs thanks to a 4mm outer diameter
- 22mm long standoffs, enough for 3 stack plates (fc, esc, vtx, rx, osd...)
- Back plates can be replaced by custom 3D parts to add leds, buzzer or even disco ball
- Support 20x20mm mounting holes flight controller (soon: 3D printed adapters for other formats)
- Plenty of spaces on arms to mount individual ESC such as EMAX 6A/12A Bullet
- Flight controller position can be adjusted back and forth to improve gyro position and cable management
- Top plate is big enough to support 61mm long battery
- Eachine ATX03 or VTX03 mounted inside with display visible on top
- Compatible with FrSky XM/XM+ receivers
- Easy access to VTX channel button and RX bind button


Thingiverse account :

Have a look on the elevenQuad Thingiverse space for adapters and custom parts : https://www.thingiverse.com/elevenquad/about


Current version : 1.5


About the Frame kit :

You will need to reduce standoffs length from 24mm to 22mm. As the standoff is very thin it is very easy to reduce with a simple file. You can 3D print my tool (or do it in wood) to help you with this : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2594288

You will also need additional hardware :

- Frame : you will need 6x M3x6 aluminum screws (button head). If you want to get everything from Armattan you can then add these M3x6 nylon screws to your cart
- Runcam Swift Micro : you will need 2x M2x3 flat head
- Emax motors :
                - RS 1104 you will need 16x M1.4x5 (you will have room for vibration damper under the motors, around 0.5mm). You can find them on Aliexpress.com here
                - I don't have the exact screw length for Emax RS 1106, I will update this page as soon as I am 100% sure
- Flight controler / ESC stack : bottom plate has M3 holes. You can get a good damper in M3 for your flight controller on Banggood here


You need help? You want to read more about the Onix frame? :

Please join the awesome community of RC Groups: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2915102


You need a designer for one of your product?

Do not hesitate to contact me via Armattan Productions :)


Enjoy and fly safe !