Bando Racers

BR2.5 HD

Price : $ 28.50

Propeller size : 2.5"


This is the same frame base as the br25 on with these different Side panels you can fit a Runcam split mini to record hd with minimal to no props in view. For an easy build, use the hglrc Zeus fc. But if you want more power and run 4s it can be done unwinding a double stack fc like pictured, but you will need to plan this carefully and fit the esc low as possible. 2.8" props will also fit this frame, with minor chamfer filing too the rear of carbon sides. This is the BR2.5 frame. Every piece of carbon is 3mm thick for a bit of robust assurance. Small and agile to fly anywhere yet it has the characteristics of a bigger quad. 20x20mm m2 fc mount Runcam swift micro Upto 2.5" props 11xx sized motors. Cable tie antenna mounts on the sides too keep them secure. 120mm motor to motor Around 20g of carbon without hardware.

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