PITs Torque (5front 6back) Hybrid

Price : $ 43.98

Propeller size : 5"


This is a kit of all carbon parts for the PIT's Torque 5 inch hybrid racing frame.

More pictures and a short story about this frame here: 

To build a complete frame with electronic stack mounting included, You will need an additional:

TPU parts (print yourself or ask a friend):

FPV camera mount and wire claps. Models available for free here:


20-22mm m3 standoffs - 4pcs

Steel or Titanium alloy:

For mounting the top plates:
8mm m3 button head bolt - 4pcs

For mounting the arms:
12-14mm m3 flat (sunk) head bolt- 4pcs
18-20mm m3 flat (sunk) head bolt - 4pcs
m3 sunk nuts - 8pcs

For the electronics stack:
10mm m3 flat (sunk) head bolt - 4pcs
22mm m3 button head bolt - 4pcs
m3 nuts - 12pcs (may use nylon instead of metal)

rubber or nylon washers/spacers for electronics stack.
4 pcs m3 (3/6mm) rubber vibration dampers.
m3 9-10mm button head bolts for mounting the motors - 16pcs.

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