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Sim Mode v2 (2.5 mm arms)

Price : $ 44.39

Propeller size : 5"


Updated version. 2.5mm arms and bottom plate. 

  • -CAD picture below shows latest version.  Photos shows previous.
  • -Stack height increaced.  Accomodates up to 23.5mm tall (from bottom plate to lower-end of top plate).
  • -Stack space increased.  Accomodates up to 44 mm x 44 mm ESC.
  • 16x16mm motors, naked-bottom only.
  • -Smaller changes:
    • ----A few chamfers added for easier assembly.
    • ----Some unnecessary cutouts removed.
    • ----Cam plate should have slightly less freeplay
    • ----Proper orientation of top plate more easily identified (see CAD pic below)
    • ----20x20mm stack holes removed. (30x30 ONLY)
    • ----Bolt attachments to arms should be more rigid (thicker).  8mm screws are included with the design, but 10 mm would work best for bottom plate, 9 mm would work best for top plate.
    • ----Additional material added to front arms in drop-down portion for increased rigidity.

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