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Platypus V2 plate kit 2mm - no hardware

Price : $ 33.79

Propeller size : 2.5"


The Platypus is a cinewhoop, designed to comfortably carry a GoPro camera on 2.5'' props. Originally, Platypus was a fully 3D printable drone.

Platypus V2 has evolved and comes as a set of 2 plates - top and bottom - along with the necessary bolts to secure the plates to ducts and standoffs. Other popular cinewhoop kits are limited to TPU or Nylon ducts by design, but all Platypus parts can be printed in most popular rigid filaments, such as PLA or PETG. This results in a solid and stiff frame with great flight characteristics.
The only hardware needed is the 24 M3 bolts of different sizes! The rest of the parts can be 3D printed.

No Hardware kit
The only hardware you'll need is 24 button-head M3 screws of different lengths, as shown in the "with hardware" kit: 17pcs 6mm, 6pcs 8mm, 1pcs 12mm. All of the other parts required are 3D printed.

Please note that this kit does not come with any of the 3D printed parts!
You will need to print a pair of ducts, a pair of duct lips, and a pair of standoffs yourself. The good news here are that for these you can use pretty much any rigid filament, including, but not limited to PLA.

In addition to the mandatory parts mentioned above, there are more components that you can print (and most probably will need to). To name a few: FPV camera bracket, HD camera plate, GoPro Hero 7 TPU mount. All STL files can be found on thingiverse.

The Platypus V2 accepts both 20x20mm and 30.5x30.5mm stacks.
Preferred motors: 1306 - 1507, but I've seen people run 1804s with good results. KV rating: 3200 - 4000.
LiPos: 4S 850mAh - 1300mAh.

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