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The Squirrel v1.1

Price : $ 64.20

Propeller size : 5"






Here is The Squirrel, my first 5" freestyle frame !
This frame is able to carry a Gopro Hero 7 or same form factor on dynamic flights and to handle crashes pretty well.
To achieve that, I designed a very compact and unique frame.

The short arms are thick, very rigid and strong but aerodynamic because chamfered and not too wide, and add protections for the motors.
The bus is very airy at the front and compact at the rear, so the air flow from the propellers is not affected.

The electronics stack has its own screws, not shared with the arms, for less vibrations and easier maintenance.
The RX and its antenna are far from the VTX, so they do not interfere with each other.
There is a housing in the camera plates dedicated to the Immortal-T

The 3d file to print the gopro support in tpu is available here :

Size : 213mm
Thickness of the plates (except the main plate and the camera plates) : 2mm
3mm main plate
3mm chamfered camera plates
6mm chamfered arms

Hardware compatibility :
Not DJI compatible.
16x16mm motor patern only.
Micro camera only.
Nano RX only (Crossfire fits perfectly).
VTX not bigger than TBS Unify HV (Rush Tank Ultimate Plus is also perfect).

Take a look at how he flies !


Additional Information


The standoffs visible in the photos are not those provided in the kit.
You will need additional screws for your motors : M3 x 8mm (w/o soft-mount) to 10mm (with tpu soft-mount) 
You will need to use two simple 16mm lipo straps.
To ensure a minimum clearance of the assemblies, the pieces are cut without tolerance and it is possible that you have to slightly file the cutouts of the top plate and the mid plate for a perfect assembly. Let me know if it's too annoying!

List of parts for my personal setup :

Flight controller :
4in1 ESC :
Motors :
Camera :
Video antenna :
RX :
Capacitor 35v 2200uf :
Standoffs :
Battery pads :
Battery straps :
Batteries :
Propellers :
HD Camera :

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