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Nakado Pro

Price : $ 49.99

Propeller size : 5"


The Nakado Pro is the first racing frame with the Arm Cam Losk System, this means that to replace your arms you only need to loosen two screws instead of unscrewing them, allowing you to replace the arm faster and not lose your screws (as in the pictures).

This frame is compatible with all 30x30 and 20x20 stacks and in 25mm of height you can place pratically everything

All the frames are constantly improved, working with pilots i can guarantee them a relaiable and performing frame.


If you have a 3D printer or you can print 3D models you can find all the "extra components" (cam mount, finn, antenna mount and capacitor support) on my Thingivers:

TPU Fin: Here

TPU Cam Cover: Here

TPU Capacitor Support: Here


NOTE: The pressnuts are not preinstalled



Frame specification:

Weight: 58g (Carbon Fiber Only)

Wheelbase: 190mm (5"/5,1")

Total height: 36mm     Housing height: 25mm

Arms: 5x8,5mm

Propeller Size: up to 5.1"

True X



All 30x30 and 20x20 stacks

All motors with 16-19 mounting holes

All nano cameras (*if you print the cam mount you can only use 12mm lenses)

All VTX antennas with 10,5mm diameter



In the kit the countersunk screws, for the bottom and middle plate, are not included, if you have not countersunk screws (2x M3x6mm and 4x M3x12) i advide you to mount the bottom plates with the countersunk holes facing the arms and the middle plate with the countersunk holes facing the upper plate and use the normal screws included in the kit.

(In the kit are included the M3x8 screws for the 20x20 stacks mounting; if you mount 36x36 stack, use the M3x11 screws)

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