tyson long range 3 inch ( frame weight 20gr)

Price : $ 28.99

Propeller size : 3"

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the tyson long range is a super light and compact drone. the weight of the frame only is 20 gr,  with naked gopro and lipo 3s 1100 hv weighs 190 gr and flight time is + 20 minutes  ...  you can fit stack 20x20 or aio 25,5 x 25,5 and caddx vista on the back for the STLs after the purchase you can contact me on the Facebook page RUN FPV, so I can send them to you. with the imminent easa regulation the tyson long range can be registered as open category a1 c0, thus being able to fly over uninformed people


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to complete the frame you need to add 8 screws m2x8 mm, 4 standoff 23mm height  (20 mm or 25 are same), 4mm or 3,5mm width, and hole M2

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