Powerloop Racing

MISS HILL - 5in - Narrowbody

Price : $ 47.51

Propeller size : 5"


More information here: https://powerloop-racing.jimdofree.com/miss-hill/

Miss Hill Carbon structure

A complete body kit (to be 3D printed) is available for download here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4789823   


  • 5in
  • 5mm arms
  • 16x19 or 19x19mm Motor mounts
  • Maximum outer diameter for the motor (without modifying the 3D printed parts): 29.5mm
  • Maximum dimensions for the battery: 78 x40 x 38mm (e.g. Tattu Rline 6S 1050 V3)


Hardware included:


  • M3 x 45mm - 4 pcs - aluminium


  • M3 x 6mm  - 6 pcs : 4 for the nose and  2 for the tail parts of the body kit
  • M3 x 8mm - 8 pcs: for the aluminum standoffs
  • M3 x 14mm  - 16 pcs: for the motors
  • M3 x 14mm - 4 pcs: for the arms
  • M3 x 16 mm - 16 pcs: for the motors (additional length compared to M3x14mm, if needed)
  • M3 x 20mm - 4pcs: for the arms (and the ESC/FC)


  • M3 nylstop - 8 pcs : for assembling the arms/Top plate/Bottom plate (Note 4 of them, the inner ones, can be replaced by standard nuts to reduce the FC/ESC stack height, but standard nuts are not available on the armattan productions website)
  • M3 sunk nuts - 4 pcs: for fastening the nose of the bottom plate

Hardware not included and not available on this website:

  • M3 standard nuts - 2 pcs : for connecting the tail part of the body kit to the rest of the body kit
  • M3 standard nuts - 4 pcs : OPTION replacing the nylstop nuts for a lower stack

Hardware you may need (available on this web site, to purchase separtately if you want):

  • thumb screws - M3x7mm - 2pcs: for replacing the M3x6 screws used to connect the tail par o fthe body. Allow you to remove the tail without tool, to insert the battery
  • M3 x 6 mm Nylon spacers - 4 pcs: for the FC/ESC stack
  • M3 standard nuts - 4 pcs: for a lower FC/ESC stack
  • M3 washers - up to 16 pcs: OPTION 





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