Druckbaer Racing Frames

Druckbaer Racing Frames by Christian Auth is an authentic fpv frame manufacturer / design forge located in Brunswick, Germany. We try to define a unique way of creating custom quads with outstanding functionality to move the border of practically. 

More info: www.druckbaer-racing-frames.de

  ONLY WITH THE PAW ????????

Have fun with our designs and as always:


Angled Arm - 5inch

Price : $ 49.90

Propeller size : 5"


Wide-X, Stretched-X or maybe something without a propeller in the picture? No more compromises!

With the new Druckbär AngledArm you get everything in one and that under 65g

Due to the variable hole pattern you are able to adjust the front arms in 3 and the rear arms in 2 steps. This allows you to have the following configurations:

  • Wide X
  • Stretched X
  • Deadcat
  • Cinema Mode (Camera mode without propellers in the picture)

Compatible with 30.5x30.5mm and 20x20mm hardware!

You always wanted to know how these configurations behave in flight without building countless copters with different setups?
Try it !

The expansive structure of the upper sandwich plate protects your hardware against impacts from the side.

Schutz Kameraweiten

The camplates can be adjusted in two widths without endangering the rigidity.

SO you can easily mount a Runcam Split but also a Runcam Swift Micro.

scope of delivery:
3mm Arms (4x)
2mm Bottomplate(1x)
2mm Bridgeplate (1x)
1,5mm Topplate (1x)
1,5mm Camplate (2x)
6mm M3 12.9 Grade Steel Button Head Screw (10x)
10mm M3 12.9 Grade Steel Button Head Screw (8x)
M3x25 Aluminium Spacer (3x)
M3x20 Aluminium Spacer (4x)
M3 Lock Nut (4x)

Do you have improvement ideas?
Wanna give us a feedback? Your welcome!


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