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The Wu Tank - light 5.25 inch DEADCAT

Price : $ 31.99

Propeller size : 5"


The WU TANK! is an evolution of my previous MOD-L design. It's still intended to be a versatile platform but i tried to remove the limitations of the previous version regarding to bigger setups (5 and 6" mainly). The 5" frame is 65g. it's slightly heavier than an ultralight like the 2Fiddy but it's more durable and less vibration prone.

So now this frame can be used for freestyle and even long range !

  • HD capable (obviously)
  • WAY stronger and stiffer (better at vibrations management)
  • Low profile body (16mm tall for a Vista setup while still having 22mm for the camera in the front)
  • improved arm interlock
  • Supports 20x20, 25.5x25.5 (AIO turned 45°) and 30.5x30.5 electronics
  • 12x12 motor mount (thought for 2203.5/2204/2205/2203.5 setups mainly), it even supports Ummagawd 2004 motors !
  • M2 hardware
  • backward compatible with most of the printable accessories of the MOD-L


Check on the thingiverse page for the 3D printable accessories and build tips : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4888084


Assembly and hardware needed

The whole body assembly is using some uncommon components but they're easy to find, here,s what you need :

Installing the vista

Some infos here. on this frame the Vista is supposed to be installed in such a way that it's mounting screws are touching the top plate.

To achieve this i provide some 2.5mm TPU spacers to sit under the vista and highly recommend using M2x18mm hex screws coming from the top of the Vista trough the pressnuts on the frame. This allows the vista assembly to support the center of the top plate as there are no standoffs here.

Check the pictures and document provided, you'll get the idea quite easily.

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