AOS 5.5 V2 Button Head

Price : $ 99.99

Propeller size : 5"


This is the button head version. Armattan productions don't supply countersunk hardware so if you want to use the central 30x30mm stack you will need to source  countersunk M3x20mm screws separately. All other stacks can use buttonhead screws.

The AOS 5.5 V2 refines and improves upon the original AOS 5.5 formula to create the ideal platform for carrying heavier GoPro Hero action cameras. It's not just a lightweight 5.5" frame with exceptional vibration and resonance performance, but so much more.
Flight performance is the cornerstone of every AOS frame. Exceptional vibration and resonance performance reduces propwash, oscillations and motor heating. Not only does the AOS 5.5 V2 fly amazingly on Betaflight 4.3 stock settings; it also allows you to push your PID and filter settings further than ever before to achieve unparalleled stick feel and minimal filter delay.
The new arm geometry provides even more stiffness in key directions as well as improved durability in front impact. The 3 screw motor mounting reduces weight and removes the motor hole that can be a stress riser for compressive failure.
The AOS 5.5 V2 offers unparalleled flexibility for your electronics supporting up to 30x30 mm stacks in the front centre and rear. It also supports the DJI Air Unit and HDZero 1W VTX, the original DJI HD FPV camera or any standard micro sized camera.
The AOS 5.5 V2 features 2 slots for captive battery straps on the top plate as well as an XT60 pass through to keep battery cables away from the props. The GoPro mount uses the AOS standard 32x32mm mounting but includes pre installed press nuts to make mounting a breeze. 
Building the frame couldn't be simpler. Just 8 standoffs and 16 screws are needed and none of the frame screws are shared with your electronics. Only 2 screws need to be undone to change an arm.
Frame specs
- Designed for up to 5.5 inch props (no props in view)
- 6 mm Arms
- 2mm Top Plate and Sandwich Plates
- 2.5mm Bottom Plate
- Up to three 30.5x30.5 mm 25.5x25.5 mm or 20x20 mm stacks
- 32x32mm GoPro mounting holes in top plate with installed press nuts
- XT60 pass through in top plate
- Two captive battery strap slots
- Fits the DJI Air Unit (use front stack mounting) and HDZero 1W VTX
- Fits the DJI FPV camera or 19x19 mm camera
- Recommended motor size  2207, 2208, 25mm
- 16x16 mm up to 19x19 mm motor mounting
- Approx. 125g with all hardware
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