Tyson super six

Price : $ 59.99

Propeller size : 6"

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the tyson supersix is a light, compact and very resistant 6 inch quad! the 6 mm thick arms give excellent rigidity to the frame avoiding annoying vibrations and resonances ... the frame has suitable fixing holes for the dji 03 unit (but also other vtx with 20x20 or 25.5x25.5 holes) also they are not there are propellers in the fov of the camera 03. as regards the stack, the holes foresee installation from 20x20 m2 to 30.5x30.5 m3. the entire frame is assembled on m2 hardware. the frame weighs 96 grams, complete build about 399 grams.

Additional Information

to complete the frame you will need


4 m2 x 20mm standoffs and 4 m2 x 28mm standoffs


16 m2 x 6mm screws


8 m2 x 10mm screws


8 pressnuts m2


x dji o3 4 screws m1.6 x 10 mm


for any other info, for the stl, etc ... you can contact me on social networks


facebook : stefano run , page RUN FPV , group TEAM TYSON


instagram : stefano run


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