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Solomons X3 Kit

Price : $ 16.12

Propeller size : 3"


This frame kit is designed for a module type Toothpick frame with a flat unibody-like form. Consisting only of arms, screws, and nuts. Each two-layered arm is supported not only by two adjacent arms but also by its diagonal arm. Replacing broken arms is not as easy as with a regular frame, but the interlocking of the eight modules eliminates the need for upper and lower plates for fixing. 

  • Wheelbase : 127.3mm
  • Total thickness : 4mm (2mm each layer)
  • Motor mount : φ9mm, M2
  • FC mount : 25.5x25.5mm, 20x20mm, 16x16mm
  • Compatible with whoop style USB connector
  • Built-in battery strap holder (can use up to 10mm width strap)
  • Weight : Approx. 14g (Carbon only)


Dimensions : 

Lower Layer : 


Upper Layer : 

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