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Solomons K3 Kit

Price : $ 17.80

Propeller size : 3"

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This frame kit is designed for a module type Toothpick frame consisting only of arms, screws and nuts. Each arm, consisting of two bones, is supported not only by two adjacent arms but also by its diagonal arm. Replacing broken arms is not as easy as with a regular frame, but the interlocking of the eight bones eliminates the need for upper and lower plates for fixing. 

As a toothpick frame (2S or above), it does not appear to be disadvantageous in terms of robustness or vibration in the field tests to date. This 3" modular frame is more robust than it looks. 

  • Wheelbase : 127.3mm 
  • Total thickness : 5mm (2.5mm each)
  • Motor mount : φ9mm, M2 (2pcs. each)
  • FC mount : 25.5x25.5mm
  • Compatible with whoop style USB connector
  • Built-in hook for rubber band
  • Weight : Approx. 15g (Carbon only)


Dimensions : 


Lower Layer : 


Upper Layer : 

Additional Information

How to assemble :

The use of metal lock nuts is strongly recommended.  To prevent wobble, each arm (consisting of two bones) must be locked securely to all three other arms.

My build has been published at ( As shown by the blackbox log, the vibration and resonance of this frame is well controlled.

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