movr frames

movr200 cp1 4-2 mm (former movr5tpr1)

Price : $ 27.40

Propeller size : 5"


Arm thickness: 4 mm
Arm width: 6 mm
Centerplate thickness: 2 mm
FC mounting: 20x20 mm m3 / 30x30 mm m3 / 20x20 mm m2 / 25.5x25.5 mm m2 / 33.5x33.5mm m2
Motor mounting: 9 - 12 mm m2
Motor to motor diagonal distance: 200 mm

Battery mounting velcro slots size: 12.5x2.5 mm


The basic kit contains the parts which are needed to build the frame incl. m3 screws for mounting an AIO.

Add additional screws / spacers / standoffs according to your needs for mounting FC and ESC.

You also have to add the screws for mounting the motors according to your needs. Pay attention to the arm thickness.

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