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    XMR Arrow - 180mm Frame Kit

    $ 43.42

    Frame Features:

    • Integrated 25deg mini board camera (designed for PZ0420M) mount plate.
    • Notch in the front for steeper FPV camera angles.
    • Two battery strap holes in top plate for secure battery mounting.
    • FC and PDB mount hanging from the top plate to get good central mounting without interfering with the arm mounts.
    • Rear mount point for either SMA jack or rubber grommet to hold the power lines in place.
    • Mount points for cased FPV cameara (HS1177, RunCam Sky, etc) on both top and bottom plates.
    • Made as few cuts in strategic locations as possible to avoid stress risers.
    • 3mm arms for 4" propellers.

    Frame dry weight with two bottom plates will be about 100g. 

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    Crush - TrueX Chameleon Mod

    $ 38.00

    THIS IS THE LOWER PLATES ONLY FOR THIS MOD! You will need to buy the top plate, camera plates, and all the aluminum hardware from www.armattanquads.com in order to complete this build.  This kit does include the hardware needed to attach the arms and mount the first layer of your stack. You'll need additional standoffs or M3 isolation dampers if your stack has more than one board in it.  It also includes the necessary screws both for using the bottom plate or building the quad without it. If you are using the plate use the 12mm screws, if you are not using bottom plate, use the 10mm screws.