Power Distribution Boards

We often get requests for custom-made integrated power distribution boards (PDBs). Here are some things you should know before you contact us:

-There is an MOQ of 100 pieces.

-A sketch is probably sufficient for a simple PDB for ESCs and Pololu. We will of course, need the CAD file to get the design dimensions correct. With only basic sketches requiring us to involve an engineer to draw actual files that can be used for manufacturing, and short of actual design files provided by you, we need to know what kind of strain you plan to put on this piece. How much current do you need it to handle? Generally, for a simple design PDB, there would be around a $30 - $40 fee for designing. If you supply a complete design, there is no design fee.

-If you want it silk-screened with your logo or anything else, we'll need a file and the color preference.

-The amount you are quoted is based on at least 50 pieces.

-We do send you the actual design files for approval. You get to view the traces on each layer and if you require changes, we can do that, too. 

-Do not expect the same lead time for this as the CF parts. It can be close, but not always. 

-Once your design has been accepted by the PDB team, production on 50-500 pieces is usually around 7-10 days.

-For any PDB mounted with components, we will require actual design files and a BOM list.

Here are some Armattan PDBs:  


F1 Integrated PDB

F1-4B Integrated PDB

Mini PDB V2

TILT-R Integrated PDB

Mini PDB