The New Double Dutch - Dquad - Flying and Design Obsession

Dquad is a rapidly growing top tier multi-rotor company run by brothers in law Davis Helvensteijn and Djon Di Benedetto. Driven by passion and innovation, this team is taking the freestyle and racing scene in the Netherlands by storm. Beyond their local influence the duo has contributed to revolutionizing the entire industry.

The Genesis:

Dquad was born from an attic, a shed, and a wooden CD rack. Circa May 2014 Davis and Djon began their foray. The first “model” they built was a rudimentary H frame made with the aforementioned CD rack. In the end it flew and thus a love of flight, design, and refinement was ignited. From there the team embraced an esthetic that continues to this day: light and tight. The light and tight philosophy is exemplified in all the designs from Mr. Helvenstejin and Mr. Di Benedetto. After the CD rack H frame they built another model, using both the



attic for inspiration and drawing board work, and the shed that housed their CNC machine. The next model was called the D+D Design, featuring tube arms and cobbled together with fishing line. From there they built their first major success, the iniMini 4inch. Enter METALL DANNY. At a race in Belgium Dquad had brought their iniMini and Danny took a shine to the design, and the team. METALL DANNY asked for three copies to use for his own racing and Davis and Djonwere excited to provide them. 2 days later, word must have spread. Dquad was contacted by MENNO from asking for a meeting.



The D’s agreed and showed up with model in hand and 3D drawings on how to make them, multirotorparts ordered 100 of the iniMinis right then and there! Knowing that very quickly they had outgrown the attic and the shed Dquad was born again, albeit in a larger and more official capacity!


The Obsession frame has been an unrivaled success for Davis and Djon; it is nothing short of revolutionary. Light and tight right? The design is aptly named and upon introduction there was nothing like it existing before. It is light, strong, tidy, and looks cool. Testament to its success if how oft copied it has become! Before the Obsession few, if any frames, were using aluminum components. The Obsession was, and remains a revo-lutionary design in quad racing frames. Davis indicates being drawn to aluminum “because it can do things carbon can’t”. In fact, every design ever produced by Dquad has had an aluminum part. The Obsession was over half a year in development and refinement, moreover; the design has been through at least 30 iterations! New designs and out of the box thinking allows Dquad to create, where other often only imitate. The Obsession was born from listening to what the best pilots say and by watching them fly. This approach uniquely positions Dquad for continued success!


With growth there often follows increased demands. Just as the D’s had outgrown their shed and attic they also found themselves looking for a new and higher quality carbon fiber supplier. This is where fate stepped in to unite the D’s with another industry leader, Chris L the CEO of Armattan. Chris reached out during an episode of FPV Life podcast and Davis answered the call. The D’s, like almost everyone else in the multirotor scene already knew of Armattan’s industry leading high heat pressed 3k carbon fiber, and after a few hours on the phone Davis and Chris realized they had a lot in common  egarding design philosophy, thoughts on the future of the sport, and business approaches. A fortuitous partnership was forged! Armattan offers full and complete support to Dquad. This allows for turnkey product support and preparation, gone are the days where Davis, Djon, their parents, and their wives hand count nuts and bolts. This level of support guarantees consistent quality, and allows the D’s to devote more time to designing the next revolutionary frame!

Chasing the Podium:
Davis and Djon are always flying and refining their skills. With a Dutch Team flying Dquad Reflex frame they placed fourth in Dubai. Additionally team pilots are competing and winning across the world. Team pilots are a constant source of feedback influencing future designs. Dquad frames are not just for racing. Team pilots also focus on freestyle and straight up fun! Some quality videos often result from these flights.


Flying in the Netherlands:
Don’t call them drones when in the Netherlands unless you want to rankle privacy concern fears. In addition to these beliefs being largely unfounded, they aren't really attributable to racing and freestyle flying. Davis and Djon build multirotors! Flying spots are hard to come by close to the coast because like most coastal area crowding is an issue. Beyond that noise disturbance complaints can and do result from inconsiderate flying. With a little work, however, pilots can find some really cool locations to fly! There are some CTR zones in effect that are firm no fly zones that all pilots must be aware of. No doubt the sport will continue to grow in both popularity and acceptance.


Growing and Growing:
In a short period of time Dquad has grown from a fanciful idea into a legitimate and innovative enterprise. The light and tight philosophy is sure to continue to push the envelope of design. You want find long unsightly wires or extra hardware on the work from Dquad. Less drag and less weight results in increased efficiency that may well be the difference maker in who crosses the finish line first, or who pulls of that insane stunt move with more flow! Dquad
operation are currently housed in a new location at an old military building, complete with attached hangar. This allows the team to do what the love best, train-test-develop and have fun!